Destination: Santorini Wedding

Like so many people before me and after me, I have found Santorini to be one of the most magical places on earth.  Santorini captured my heart over 15 years ago, when I first travelled there in my late 20’s for a friend of mine’s wedding ironically as only last year I married in Santorini myself.  My very first moment when I arrived in Firostefani was a complete moment of “OMG” followed by tears strolling down my face in pure shock of the beauty that was before me, this fantasy island drew me in and has remained in my heart ever since.  I would at times pinch myself and would say  over and over again, how very fortunate that I was experiencing such beauty on an island that offers so much.  Not everyone in their lifetime will experience the magic of Santorini but I hope if you havnt visited and can do so, then it truly is a must on anyone’s bucket list.

I have visited and stayed in many places on this beautiful island, but the one property that remains to be so truly unique is “The Tsitouras Collection”.  I was fortunate to orchestrate my wedding in Santorini last year, with the help of some very special people. The Tsitouras Private Villa –  If it not for Demetris Tsitouras,  Eleni & George our wedding ceremony and reception would not have been possible.  My wedding dress was an elaborate creation by no other than Bernadette Pimenta, the months, days and hours to create such a unique memorable dress and headpiece.  Thank you to Josh and Austin from Rutherford Entertainment Melbourne for flying all the way to Santorini and play at our wedding, your energy, enthusiasm and music was such a highlight on the day and evening.

When you’re a 1,000 miles away and choosing your venue, dress, music, videographer, photographer, flowers, etc etc etc, there comes the element of who is going to marry you and what are we going to eat – Thank you to Shirley from Santorini Wedding Planners for organising the celebrant and the necessary paperwork in Santorini so that we could be officially married.  After showing Shirley endless pictures of my bridal bouquet – she delivered the bouquet that truly set off my wedding dress.  The choice of utilising the service of Spicey Bites was the best choice we could have ever made, they were so accommodating to our needs and especially being able to set up after our ceremony a beautiful dining  reception experience.  The food and Open Bar was a highlight of the evening, the amount of stairs they had to climb up and down to create our wedding dinner was truly a testament to their catering business.

My thanks to Wedding wish for arranging the beautiful yellow roses for my Maid of Honour Sophie.

We utilised the services of Miltos Karaisakis, and we could not have been as ecstatic as we were when we received our Love Story Wedding Video not only did it capture our precious day, but it also captured what we represented as a couple.  The unique video that Miltos created is truly a testament to his incredible passion as a videographer.  If you ever require the services of a videographer, you must call on him.  He also specialises in photography.

If you are travelling to Santorini or require recommendations, please contact Imaginative Events, we have over 8 years of experience working on this magical island.

Thank you to:

Bernadette Pimenta:

The Tsitouras Collection:

Rutherford Entertainment Melbourne:

Spicey Bites Santorini:

Miltos Karaisakis:

Wedding Wish:


Calliope Sofianopoulos:

Fireworks: Courtesy of Santorini Island

The Groom

Sophie, Kim  and our family and friends who made it to Santorini

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