Do you have what it takes to be a successful Event Manager?


People Skills:

Event management requires the ability to work well with others, to achieve a goal between you, your supplier and client.  COMMUNICATION is absolutely Key! Whether you are discussing your clients requirements to briefing people for the event.  You must be accessible at all times and project clear communication to ensure your point get across and remember to always use a friendly manner.  No-one wants to deal with an unfriendly person.

High Energy:

Its the behind the scenes work that no-one notices to ensure the event is run successfully.  You need to ensure that everyone has a great time but keeping in mind that the goal for your event is achieved – be it the product launch, annual conference or private dinner to close the deal.  You need to have the energy to motivate others whilst ensuring that you are prepared to work long hours including weekends.


Your client may know exactly what they want to do (i.e product launch) but wont know how to do it.  There are so many parameters to consider such as media, consumers, creative ideas yet affordable and in line with the clients brand.  Event Managers will be expected to have a network of public relations, advertising, media and marketing contacts literally at their finger tips to enable you to produce an outstanding event.  You (being the event manager) typically requires a resilient personality.  Challenges are the normal in any event from the key speaker possibly loosing their notes (you need a back up copy) or if hosting an event outdoors – do you have a contingency plan if it rains in the middle of summer?  You need to think on your feet at all times and always have the ability to come up with a creative solution to any problem that arises.

Attention to Detail:

An excellent Event Manager needs to be well organised and understand every detail with a fine tooth comb, even if there is a team helping them on the day.  Stay focused at all times as you will be expected to co-ordinate everything from the venue to the AV, catering, schedule and even speakers.  You will be working on a set budget for your client and you need to ensure you don’t over spend – your client will not be impressed.  The day of your event – you need to be there hours before the event commences to ensure that everything is scheduled and running to plan.


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