“Julie is hardworking and dedicated, she never fails to meet her client’s expectations with her amazing ideas, whilst involving them in the process. Her passion for her business is contagious, she has a lot of experience in the industry.”
Client: G. P.


Julie you excelled once again in your organisation and excellent execution of an outstanding and memorable trip. Your attention to detail is beyond anyone’s expectations.
Julie not only do you create the most wonderful experiences, but company and good humour make up the whole package.
We cannot sincerely thank you enough for your kindness, friendship and generosity in what was one of our most enjoyable conferences we have ever attended.
You are simply fantastic, both professionally and personally.
Client: D. T.

Julie has an endless amount of creativity and imagination which is displayed in the events that she produces. Being my mentor for over 6 months I have learnt that Julie has never said the word ‘no’ to me and believes that with drive and motivation success can be achieved. Her guidance has assisted me immensely and I now believe I have the ability to follow her foot steps to become a successful event manager.
Thank You,
Client: S. R

Julie ability to accommodate and maintain professionalism is a very high standard.
Her attitude and manner is always helpful and always gets the job done for her clients
Most astute and professional person
Highly support and recommend her
Client A.P

I’ve found Julie to be an absolute delight. She is always cheerful and easy going but at the same time is very focused on the detail and making sure that everything runs to clockwork. If more people were like Julie the workplace would be a happier environment for everyone.
Kind regards,
Client: J. C

Julie leaves no stone unturned to ensure a successful event. She goes out of her way to ensure that attendees are well informed and her detailed planning results in a smooth and enjoyable event.
Thank You.
Client: T.M

Julie is an outstanding operator in the events & hospitality field.
Her professionalism and manner keep her at the forefront of the industry
Thank You.
Client: G.B